Blue Lines - Urban architecture photograph

08th April 2012
On Friday, my girlfriend and I went up to visit family in London and I decided to take my camera along with me. I deliberated (as always) about how much gear to carry about and in the end decided to travel light. My comb, my toothbrush and my 28-80ml.

I had not taken any photos until the point that we were leaving the flat to start the journey home and I grabbed this shot as the others were waiting impatiently in the lift. It was a grab shot, one that was almost out of desperation that I had carried my camera with me and not taken any shots and it is turning into one of my favourite photographs!

The moral of the story is: Always have your camera with you, always look for the shot and no matter what the circumstances, always take the shot.


Photo comment By Matthew Richardson: The colour in this photograph is incredible; is this the way it was lit at the time, or have you processed it somehow to be this colour?
Photo comment By Forest Eyes Photography: Thank you for your comment Matthew. It would have been very cool if it had been lit this way, although I am not sure the residents would agree! It was initially coloured with tungsten white-balance adjustment with a further blue colouration with split-toning predominantly in the highlights.

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