Five top tips that will improve your property interiors photography overnight

10th February 2015
Five top tips that will improve your property interiors photography overnight

1. Get your camera off ‘Auto’ and onto ‘Av’: This setting on the camera's main dial gives you control over how much of the scene in front of you is going to be in focus. Banish those blurry shots and ensure your photos are sharp front to back.
2. Buy a tripod and use it: Most rooms are quite dark (as far as your camera is concerned) even with the lights on. Low light levels = long exposure times to gather enough light = blurry shots when hand-holding. Put the camera on a tripod and long exposures are no longer a problem
3. Use a hot-shoe (bounced) flash: The pop-up flash on your camera is not powerful enough to light a room and direct flash gives harsh light and tricky flash reflections in windows and mirrors etc. Use a hot-shoe flash and bounce it off the ceiling or even better, off a wall behind you to create a softer light.
4. Shoot from a lower position: Don’t stand in the corner, point and shoot; that gives horrible perspectives. Pointing the camera down off horizontal distorts the image and gives you walls that lean out of the picture. Extend the first set of legs on your tripod and take the shot from there. It doesn’t seem right, but it will make your rooms look far more ‘natural’.
5. Straighten the verticals as much as possible in camera: Unless you are shooting a Hobbit house, the walls should be vertical. Use the edges of the viewfinder or the grid overlay on the LCD screen (if present) as a guide to line up your walls with.

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